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Honeycomb Lamp Shades by DesignTree

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Inspired by the beehive, one of nature's most phenomenal creations, DesignTree presents us with these awesome honeycomb lamp shades. Made of recycled polyester and a steel spider ring, these lamps are just as delightful as they are inspiring. They are available in three colors (myst, clay and orange) and two shapes (half and full shade). They give off a magnificent glow when they are turned on but they are just as interesting as fixtures in themselves. With these honeycomb lamp shades, DesignTree reminds us that we can't go wrong when we take our cue from nature. Go to DesignTree to learn more.




Posted in Lamp Shades on September 23, 2011 11:26 PM

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  • Views: 93

I am interested in purchasing some of these lamps.

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