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Colored Faucet and Shower from iB Rubinetterie - Batlo and Drop


Taking their cue from a lush, plush inspiration, the Batlo colored faucet and the Drop colored shower from iB Rubinetterie are just the opposite of what you might expect from the typical hardware. Straying from the traditional stainless steel finish, the ultra-modern Batlo faucet by designer Giulio Iacchetti is inspired by the quintessential symbol for water – the bottle. The Batlo faucet features a joystick that coordinates with the neck, ensuring cool control when it comes to flow. The faucet collection comes covered in a soft finish in bottle green, red coral and blue. And in keeping with this re-emergence of color, the Drop shower – inspired by a simple droplet of water – is also a thing of beauty, now available in orange, black, white and blue. Visit iB Rubinetterie of Italy for more info.