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Wood Mirror Tapestries DIY

Wow, what a unique piece of installation art. London-based artist Lee Borthwick randomly places these beautiful tapestries in forests in the UK – where wanderers stumble upon them, much to their amazement. She uses “natural, organic and reclaimed materials, allowing the viewer to recapture the sense of reflection offered by dramatic landscapes.” The upscale store, Anthropologie EU, has recently commissioned her to do these one-of-a-kind pieces for their shops. But you don’t have to wait! This is an extremely simple DIY project if you cheat a little. Head on over to Shop Wild Things (or any other store you find using a google search!) and pick up some mirror pieces. Head to the forest and grab a few branches the diameter you’d like to feature. Slice ’em up – best if you can use a tool that will leave a smooth cut. It couldn’t be more simple. Or more elegant. A reflection of you – and your home – of course.



More Info: Lee Borthwick
Via: The Jealous Curator


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