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White Tripod Dining Table by Lema

white tripod dining table by lema 1 thumb 630x484 27965 White Tripod Dining Table by Lema

The base of this 3-pod table is inspired by the tripod, having, of course, only three legs. Continuous sleek metal meets a lacquered wood top with minimalist flair. What wonderful lines this table has! Designed by Italian master Francesco Rota, it has a light and airy feel, doesn’t it? It would look awesome in a high loft space — or in a smaller living area. It’s contemporary style and simplicity allows it to fit into any room and look like it belongs. Lema of Italy has been creating fine furniture for over 40 years and each piece follows their philosophy of slow living – and interior harmony. You can certainly see their fine craftsmanship at work in this table. White lacquered metal 3-pods meet the mat lacquered wooden top and that’s all you need. No extraneous hinges or fasteners. Pure minimalist style. Now that’s harmony.

white tripod dining table by lema 2 thumb 630x413 27967 White Tripod Dining Table by Lema

The legs of the Lema table were inspired by the tripod!


More information: Lema



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