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Whimsical House – Nautilus House in Mexico City

This wonderful, whimsical house design in Mexico City is bringing the life aquatic into architecture. The modern Nautilus House designed by architect Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica is wonderful to look at, walk through and enjoy for what it is – a blend of modern architecture and contemporary art. The Nautilus House falls under the architect’s “organic works” category, inspired by the sea and taking on the twisting and turning form of the Nautilus shell. The sculptural whimsical house features a striking entry cut into a wall of colorful stained glass. From the outside, it’s enough to draw you in; while inside it casts multi-colored spots of light onto walls. But surprisingly, that’s still not the most unusual feature of the house. This interior “grass carpet” is just amazing, leading residents and guests through a network of stone paths to the various areas of the home. The bathroom is simply amazing. In it, you actually feel like you’re under water with the sandy walls, gorgeous blue tiles and the window overhead. This cool home comes together using “ferrocement constructio,” which involves a frame of steel-reinforced chicken wire covered in a two-inch layer of composite of concrete. Not only is the result beautiful, it’s also earthquake-proof and maintenance-free. Arquitectura Organica
via Dvice via Space Invading




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