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12 Effortless Ways To Make Your Home Picture Perfect

After spending a lot of time, money and effort to create the perfect space that speaks to your personality and creativity you ultimately want to take lots of pictures and share it with your loved ones. Therefore, here are 12 effortless ways to make your home picture perfect.

Gold, Gold & More Gold

Add golden accents to your kitchen for a modern twist that makes sense. The beauty of this is you create a contemporary feel that is organic to the room yet fresh and new. Pair with neutral bits to enhance the space.

Forget bronze, rose gold, and/or silver and go with gold! Gold is here to stay, a simple dusting on your cabinetry, bold gold light fixtures, or even gold handles. The idea is to have a golden touch that makes a daring statement in the space.

Fall in Love with Color

Color is beautiful especially when it is displayed with other simple hues. The key is having the colors used be showcased with hints of neutral and metallics.

Greige, white, and neutrals are taking a step back this time around and color is coming in full force. Even though color has been a big trend, it is even grander now! Use a colorful palette to bring the space back to life. The key is keeping your color selection to three colors maximum.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood adds charm and chicness exactly where you may need it. As a wall, it adds a farmhouse aesthetics that we all know and love. Keep the space simple and allow the wall to make its much-intended focus.

Reclaimed wood walls are hot at the moment, especially when they are used as an accent to the room. Tuck it into a smaller room for that striking effect that creates a dreamy yet striking effect or you can even use it as a headboard that flows with the room.

Upgrade Your Mason Jars

The key to working with mason jars is displaying them with multiple different food items that add a bit of a farmhouse feel to the home. The more objects are displayed the “cuter” your kitchen will appear.

The beauty of mason jars is their ability to be the ultimate storage containers. Turn your mason jars into the perfect fun space-saving solution while still getting a kick out of your décor. The key is working with different size jars and displaying them with your most used ingredients.

Tufted Upholstery

A tufted headboard is feminine and stylish which works great when you want that simple touch that adds a big impact in the space. The key is working with a neutral palette that adds to your tufted headache. 

Having tufted upholstery as part of any room has a unique sophisticated look. Use a soft shade of blush, gray or even a simple neutral and have it become the main hue focus of the room. The classic sophistication will bring the room to life in a feminine manner.

Go For the Stripes

Not a fan of striped walls? Consider a striped ceiling. A striped ceiling has a welcoming effect do to its daring factor. Pair with a fun wallpaper to further push a contemporary aesthetics.

From simple and traditional to trendy and unique stripes is one of those irreplaceable patterns that simply work. Use a colorful striped wall as an accent wall and pair it with simple touches to allow the wall to make the statement its intended to make.

Wow with Simple Wallpaper

Consider having a repetitive patterned when you are working with a wallpaper especially in the kitchen. You want a subtle pattern that packs a big punch in its own way. Pair with bright colors to bring out the hues in your wallpaper. 

Wallpaper may have once been a “thing of the past” but it is back in a big manner and with bolder colors.  Wow yourself and your guests with a daring wallpaper that has a simple touch to it. The key is utilizing a fun, daring pattern and working with similar colors that enhance what the pattern conveys.

Bring a Fun Twist to Smaller Nooks

A smaller nook gives you the opportunity to create a charming space that speaks to you and your decor. Decorate the space with a comfortable bench and an accent table, you may even want to add a few pillows and a blanket for that added cozy effect.

Do you have a small nook in your home and have no idea what to do with it? If so, it is time to transform it into an area you will use and love. Add a fun chair, a rug and maybe even a few books to bring a cozy aesthetics.

Kitchen Bar

If you are not a fan of a traditional bar consider having a bar that displays your personal favorite drink such as coffee. Display your favorite coffee and food items that pair well with your coffee to have that unique display that is personal to you.

A fun kitchen bar could be exactly what you need to bring that entertainment aspect to your home. Use colorful paint to brighten the space and add bits of personality. Display a few drinks and even a stool or two.

Chalk Maybe?

Chalkboard paint is perfect for those spaces in the home that need a bit of something extra but you can’t figure out what to add. This is also a fun way to write little reminders or messages throughout the home for yourself or your significant other.

Chalkboard paint has become quite popular and we absolutely love this trend, especially when it is displayed in the kitchen. Consider adding it in an area that needs to be spruced up a bit without taking away from your décor.

Picture-Perfect Powder Room

Take a moment to decorate your powder room to the perfect little slice of heaven that you have always dreamed of. The key is getting creative and having fun. This is the perfect area in your home to go wild, add that fun wallpaper that doesn’t match anywhere else or paint your cabinetry a daring color, the options are endless!

The smaller bathroom in many homes tends to be the most used by guests due to its easy in and out format. Even though this bathroom may be the most used it tends to be the least decorated area in the home until now. Turn an ordinary power room into an extraordinary space with a bold paint background for that stark contrast.

Mix in the Retro

Add a retro decorated foyer or nook in areas of your home. Doing so you will create a contrast throughout the home that is fun and different.

Mixing retro with modern is a perfect way of blending two different decorating styles to create a simple space. Consider having your retro pieces make a bigger statement. Doing so creates a seamless pairing.

Which of these picture-perfect design ideas are you interested in adding to your home. Please, share with us your ideas in the comments below.


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