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Stylish Ways To Keep Your Home Organized

Sometimes your home looks like a zoo and other times it looks like a magazine cover its truly about balance. However, let’s face it, most of us would love to always have a neat space to come home to. With that being said, the key to keeping organization and order in the home is getting creative. Therefore, here are stylish ways to keep your home organized without all the added hassle.

Consider a Pantry

Consider adding doors to your pantry in order to separate it from your kitchen but still having a together feeling. You want your pantry to help bring that organized feel to your kitchen.

Not everyone has a pantry as part of their kitchen, but what most of us do have is a closet in or near the kitchen area. It is time to declutter that room and create a well-organized pantry. Having a pantry can help you establish an area where things from your kitchen such as canned goods, treats or even pots and pans can be stored and away from the visibility of your guests. In return, your kitchen space will appear more organized and put together.

Add Décor to Your Nightstand

Minimizing the space you have as part of your nightstand makes sure you do not add additional bits throughout the day in order to compromise with the decor you have.

Many of us love having a nightstand because it’s a simple area where we can place different items on that we will need during the night or as soon as we wake up. However, this can look a bit cluttered over time. We recommend adding décor to your nightstand to minimize the space you actually have for additional bits and pieces. Add a lamp or even a few candles that help you not only relax but help keep the space free of other unnecessary items.

Use Your Mudroom

You want to add as much storage in your mudroom as possible. Doing so will make sure you are capable of storing any items that need to put away.

Okay, let’s face it, the mudroom does not get as much use as many would assume, most of us will simply remove our shoes or put them back on in this room, nothing more. However, the mudroom can be an excellent area for multitasking, consider using it for numerous things such as hanging your winter clothing or even adding baskets of storage.

Keep Your Laundry Simple

Keeping the laundry room with just your bare necessities makes sure you have exactly what you need when you need it without adding additional things to the room.

Who doesn’t love a good laundry room? But, let’s face too much space in the laundry room can be a bit overwhelming as the space will be used for multiple other things that do not necessarily involve dirty close. Therefore, we recommend keeping the laundry room to a minimum, with only the necessary items and tools.

Put Your Island to Work

Having some sort of storage as part of your island is an excellent form of tucking away necessary kitchen items.

Many of us own simple kitchen islands; however, it is time to put it to work by having multitasking islands that come with built-in storage. Having additional storage in the kitchen is not only a great idea, but it’s practically a must! Make sure your additional storage is put to good use by filling each cabinet with necessary bits and pieces.

Declutter, Declutter, and Declutter Again

Keep the room as clutter-free as possible by only having what you need and maintaining the space simple.

One of the easiest ways to keep your home organized is to declutter as much as possible. Many of the items we already have are not necessarily items we actually need! Keeping that in mind, you want to declutter all items that do not serve a purpose in the space, having this rule will ensure you only purchase what you need and when you need it.


If you have leftover trinkets in the room, consider adding them inside of your ottoman not only to keep them away from your guest eyes but to keep them safe and secure.

An ottoman is a great item to have in your home, due to how little space they take up yet how much they do for the room. Plus, let’s not forget most ottoman’s offer storage as well. So, having a few of them in your living room and even your bedroom could work just as well in helping keep the room completely organized.

Keep Your Entertainment System Clutter-Free

Add decor to your entertainment without overbearing the room, just adding enough to bring your personality forward without cluttering the room and keeping it organized.

Most entertainment systems tend to be pretty large, so most of us will take advantage and add multiple trinkets around it. However, things can get a bit cluttered and even “messy” after a while. Consider removing as much of the items away from the entertainment system as possible and only keeping what is truly necessary for the area.


Color coordinating your books not only adds new meaning to adding color to a room but it adds character and texture as well.

For some their book collection is stored away on their Kindle or iPad but for others, their books are displayed on their beloved bookcase. In that case, organize your books according to color, height or even most read to keep the area organized but with a purpose. Furthermore, you want to keep your books leveled to add a chic appeal.

Label It

Is there anymore more satisfying than seeing everything organized and labeled? We think not! Therefore, consider labeling containers of items that will be used time and time again.

Whether it’s in the kitchen, dining room, pantry or bedroom, adding labels is always an excellent idea. It allows you to know exactly where something is and where it belongs without taking away from it. Think of it as the ultimate organizing mechanism that helps you stay organized time and time again.

How do you keep your home organized? Please share with us your ideas below.


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