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Wawirka drop-in sink – the new Retro sink

wawirka retro drop in sink Wawirka drop in sink   the new Retro sink
A beautiful sweeping basin, the Wawirka Retro sink offers intriguing organic and sculptural forms. A fabulous asymmetrical design, the Retro sink features two straight edges that meet at a dramatic obtuse angle, then between these edges the stunning rim curves. A perfect edge along which to align stylish faucets like the Profil by THG Paris, the Retro basin complements the sharp clean lines of modern faucets. By using a drop-in design, the Wawirka sink can sweep to dramatic depths while only rising an inch above the vanity. Made of cast white or yellow bronze, the Retro basin is available in a satin finish or a selection of patinas. Wawirka bronze cast sinks have a nostalgic elegance that adds a sophistication and glamour to contemporary faucets.