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Wall Mounted Extendable Mirror by Miior

According to Miior, you’ll spend 25,000 hours in front of a mirror in your lifetime, so you might as well get comfortable! This Polish company has made a name for itself by creating innovative everyday objects with a clever twist to make life a little easier. This cool extendable mirror was made with ergonomics in mind. The Axio-Link mechanism lets you pull it out from the wall toward you, following your posture and eliminating that awkward forward-lean when putting in your contacts, shaving, or doing your hair and make-up. And forget about those smaller, supplementary mirrors mounted to your bathroom wall. This full-sized mirror gives you a good view while primping and prepping for the day. Touch-activated LED lighting illuminates your reflection so give you an even better view. These extendable mirrors come in three different designs, ranging from modern to minimalist to feminine, so there’s something suited to every style preference. Additional information is available by visiting Miior.

The ELLA Mirror
The AL Mirror
The DOT Mirror


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