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Cool Wall Lamps with Shelf by Zeroombra

Italian housewares company Zeroombra created this cool, contemporary table lamp-inspired wall lamp. That’s right – a wall lamp inspired by its own table-top counterpart! Available in a rainbow of hot hues, these lamps are expressed in silhouette form, featuring the shape of a shaded lamp atop a real shelf – perfect for placing your glasses or other reading accoutrements – all as a one-piece that’s mountable to your wall. Not only do these LED lamps eat up little electricity, but they also add loads of style to any space. Picture a pair of these coordinating lamps, one to each side of the bed in place of your traditional nightstands. Or spice up your library or workspace with these unique pieces. Check out these cool wall lamps by visiting Zeroombra. (Unfortunately, this Italian website was overtaken by a virus, and we had to remove the link.)



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