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Vibrant Colour Vignettes Vamp Up Georgian Apartment


A 162m2 Grade 2 Georgian Terrace in Clifton, Bristol, England is infused with colour for a fun and fabulous contemporary update. To keep the colour blast fresh, the plank flooring was pulled away from its natural wood tones and instead boasts a glossy grey sheen reminiscent of concrete flooring. Walls, fireplace mantle, mirror frame, lighting and most of the accessories are all kept a bright white to balance the block of cobalt blue used on the shelving, the lemon yellow accent chair and the rose hued sofa. Even the dining chairs feature a red pin stripe on their outer edges. The furniture choices are kept light and airy so as not to overpower the room with their strong shades of primary colours. This is done by choosing thin-legged pieces that allow the eye to see the softer shades of grey flowing under and past the seating.

The galley kitchen continues the cobalt blue shelving that divides the living area from the kitchen. Used on both the backsplash and the bar counter (which backs onto a stairwell), the red shelf that runs above the cabinetry balances the blue as do the tangerine toned cabinets themselves. The chef is given a small reprieve from this entire colour story with a grey counter similar in hue to the flooring.
The stairs lead down the lower level, and even here the story is all about the colour. Crimson red stairs and cobalt blue walls saturate the space creating a blast of fun that can be exacerbated or toned down depending on what items are placed on the shelving and what art is hung on the wall. If the homeowner wants to tone down the colour all they have to do is add in white accessories, if on the other hand they want to play it up,the addition of purple, yellow and orange moments would create a powerful vignette. Stairwells are transition zones making them the perfect place to go a little wild.
The stairs also lead to the upper level and here the space behind the living room fireplace accommodates a second faux fireplace opposite a curved window cut out of the balustrade that extends down to the floor. This fireplace niche and privacy wall creates the perfect quiet retreat to collect ones thoughts, read or listen to music. The ceiling of crimson stairs and wall of blue are a complete contrast to the nostalgic Windsor Chair – but that’s what makes the space so special.
The window cut out, faux fireplace niche and stair line create some pretty interesting shadows that break up the solid blocks of colour to create a story of shades untold.
The stairwell is outfitted with a banana yellow wall shelf for additional storage and the designer has added in a whimsical touch of red desk lamps perched on each shelf box. The flood of light from the lamps makes the shelving the perfect library.
vibrant-colour-vignettes-vamp-up-georgian-apartment-7- shelving.jpg
Shelving has also been used creatively as a room divider. Separating the upper hallway from a small guest bedroom / home office, the shelving is outfitted with a roller blind that can be pulled up or down depending on the level of privacy required. The blind is mounted one shelf down allowing the top shelf to remain open even when the blind is down. This room features the same triptych of white lights as seen previously in the kitchen and living areas and the deep navy shade of the blind continues the colour blocking, but in a more subtle manner. Another repeating element is the choice of using a nostalgic cane seated chair and wood table for the office area.
Just outside the office / guest bedroom is a small flight of canary yellow stairs that leads to a closet area. The second step of each pairing is kept short creating 2 separate platforms for either displaying or storing items – or both. A favourite pair shoes or a collection of hats would be perfectly placed next to the steel grey closet system. Sconces on the wall and a skylight above make sure the space is light and bright.
On the far side of the walk through closet another flight of yellow steps leads back up to the bedroom level. Featuring a blue balustrade and a curved entrance, the space while clean and simple is full of fun and life via the colours and geometry.
The bathroom continues the story of blue via mosaics everywhere, but it also injects a vibrant orange by way of the towel warmer. The towels themselves are red for an additional warm pop and the vanity is a modern matte black with stainless pulls. Reflecting the shades of the vanity, the mirrored medicine cabinet sports a matte black surround as well. The curved passageway to the btub and toilet area seem quaintly out of place and yet necessary next to the endless grid work of mosaic tiles.
Back in the living and dining area, the colour story of blue, yellow, red and grey is just a hint at what we saw in the rest of the home. Since this space is used the most, it is fitting that the colours are less dramatic then elsewhere, even so, they are far more vibrant then most are willing to try and hats off to Madam Studio for colouring outside the box on this Vampy Georgian Apartment
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