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Contemporary Forest Valley Villa in Vilnius

Arches completed a cool contemporary villa in the forest of Lithuanian capital Vilnius. The ultra modern building boasts a complex structure and spacious manicured fenced lawn.

Built completely out of wood, the valley villa stands at the foot of a hill with one of its wings occupying its top.

Contemporary Valley Villa
Angular architecture fits into the side of a hill

Its public zone wing cantilevers on the base structure, giving the villa a pronounced pitched roof silhouette that also informs the interior structure.

Plenty of floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors provide access to the grassy carpet outside as well as open up to the surrounding views of the forest. Each level has its own outdoor lounge area, where residents can enjoy nature in full.

Inside, modernist aesthetic took reign over each and every room, utilizing nothing more than light wood and black steel.

When fog sets, the villa gains more mystique, rearing its head and showing its wooden teeth from the mist. It seems like no one else can see it, rendering both site and house a perfect getaway.

Contemporary Valley Villa in Lithuania

Spacious fenced lawn keeps the lush forest away
Cantilevering pitched roof house standsa support made of wood and glass
The lawn continues uphill providing higher structures with grassy carpet
Open deck serves as an outdoor lounge area
Huge modern windows allow a look inside the house
More outdoor lounge areas sit on different house levels
Cantilevering part really benefits from numerous glass inclusions
Indoors feature lots of natural wood
Modernist aesthetic shows in both interior design and furnishings
Black kitchen surfaces intermix with smooth minimalist wood
Textured countertops and backsplash look like lava stone
Black elements are the only contrast to light wood
Pitched roof translates into the pitched ceiling design
Thick steps appear levitating
Wooden stairs connect various levels of the house
Transitional spaces are for storage
High windows allow natural illumination during the day
Even bathroom has its sliding glass door
Small deep tub
Facade screens echo through interior
This one makes for a cool hanger
Bathroom vanity separates the shower from the tub
The lawn continues uphill providing higher structures with grassy carpet
Wooden deck provides a cleaner path
Beautiful views obscured by fog
Indoors feature lots of natural wood
Facade screens add to the angular shapes of the building
View from above

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