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Valcucine new Artematica Multiline Titanium Kitchen – a kitchen of tomorrow, today!

[New Product]
Valcucine Artematica Multiline Titanium kitchen
Inspired by a matchless material that anticipates the future of kitchen design – the new Artematica Multiline Titanium Kitchen is by Valcucine. Research, in cooperation with Abet Laminati, has led to the terrific new titanium finish on an aluminium base. This fabulous finish offers the subtle iridescent effect of titanium without its serious flaw: extreme susceptibility to fingerprints! So, enjoy the best of both worlds with the light-reflecting panels which are carefully crafted of a variety of layered materials (HPL, laminate, lacquered MDF and glass) to achieve this superior effect that works even if you have children with sticky fingers! The dedication to craftsmanship results in a finish which is very hard-wearing, light, quiet and easier to recycle – important considerations in today’s world. The Artematica Multiline Titanium kitchen can be entirely customized to reflect your personal preferences and can be found at Valcucine.
Artematica Multiline Titanium kitchen hood

Artematica Multiline Titanium pantry


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