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Eco Kitchen – 100% Recyclable Kitchen by Valcucine, gReenaissance utilizing Invitrum

The first truly Eco kitchen will be presented by Valcucine at Fuorisalone 2009 in Milan, Italy. The Valcucine’s exposition project at Fuorisalone is code-named “gReenaissance”. The gReenaissance Eco kitchen solution (above) is based on the glass cabinetry system “Invitrum” (left), one of the main innovations presented. Another innovation is having a kitchen structure made of drawn, recycled aluminium vs. traditionally used primary aluminium. Recycled aluminum requires 20% percent less energy to produce. No formaldehyde-based or any other glues are used with the Invitrum glass cabinetry solution; the joints are being done between glass and aluminium, and are mechanical only and can be easily dismantled.
The two innovations combined make gReenaissance the first 100% recyclable kitchen solution. Just disassemble the cabinetry and recycle glass and aluminium parts. If it’s new sustainable Eco style you’re after, you sure want to stay updated on this new kitchen design by Italian company. Created by Gabriele Centazzo, the designer and managing director of Valcucine, the gReenaissance’s modular design makes it as versatile as it is sustainable and stylish. Boasting clean, modern lines and a sleek finish worthy of the coolest culinary centers, this 100-percent recyclable kitchen is built and designed to last. Learn more by visiting Valcucine.
More Eco friendly features:
-the new design eliminates double side panels, that are also in glass and only 10 mm thick.
-it allows for a large decrease in the amount of materials used
-the use of glass assures total recyclability as well as absolute resistance to water, steam and heat.
And BTW, the Invitrum glass cabinetry is already incorporated into one of the Valcucine’s current kitchen lines – the Riciclantica Glass (shown below) – most likely used as a starting point for project gReenaissance.


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