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Urban Glass House in Washington, D.C.

City dwellers and architecture lovers, prepare to be inspired by this amazing urban glass house designed by David Jameson Architect! It’s clear where the Barcode House in Washington, D.C. gets its name. This glass wall house is adorned with black bars, offering a bright, light-filled interior and a modern exterior aesthetic. The architect created this vertical house to fit in this row-home neighborhood, but still stand out thanks to its unusual look. The client wanted a “transparent living space” and the architect delivered. The glazed facade extends from ground to roof, revealing, from the outside, a contemporary style interior, while from the inside all you see is the urban outdoors. Inside, the unique design allows for loft design ideas that give the contemporary style home yet another layer of modernity. Overlooking the open stairwell, the glass-enclosed living areas above it enjoy a view of the living areas below, as well as the city beyond the window wall. The black bars are structural steel rods set within the glass, making a functional and fashionable addition to the home. David Jameson Architect
photo credit: Paul Warchol
urban glass house washington 1 Urban Glass House in Washington, D.C.
urban glass house washington 2 Urban Glass House in Washington, D.C.




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