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Unusual Interior Design – Converting a Church

This Catholic Church was converted into a residence to create a unique and unusual interior design. Where possible, the architects tried to keep the original character of the church. For example, the stained glass windows, the grand organ, the vaulted ceilings and arched doorways with detailed trim. They kept some of the pews and created the dining table and benches out of the original church benches. The furniture choices are quite modern and really stand out against the pure white canvas. The opposite is true in the bed/bath suite where the walls are very dark and the contrast is created by the white furniture. This space is quite special and majestic and the details are just great. Notice the choice of floating stairs and how that really modernizes the space, while the gigantic standing candle holder reminds us of the history of this space. The ultra sleek kitchen, the skylights, and the exciting lighting fixtures are also excellent choices. Full of physical and symbolic contrast, this is a remarkable project. For more information visit Zecc Architecten.



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