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Unique Swarovski Faucets for Shower or Sink by Cotto

In Hindu mythology, Himmapan is an ancient forest filled with mythical bird-like creatures. These creatures inspired the shape and forms for the Himmapan faucet line from Cotto. And the handle (above) is made from Swarovski crystal! How elegant – and magical – can you get? Doesn’t the faucet look like an abstract sculpture of a shore bird coming into the water for a landing? In both pieces, the piping is made from zinc, lead, cadium and copper and the patina is said to represent “the originality of the human soul”. And who wouldn’t like three rainfall shower heads in their shower? What a shower that would be (see below). Designed and created in Thailand to honor the ancient faiths and ideals, these fixtures are equally at home in a loft or in a rustic farmhouse. Quality craftsmanship, elegant design and homage to the past, all in a truly modern package – it really is magic.

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