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Unique Open Beam Ceiling House Design

Located on Corsica, France, which is an island in the Mediterranean Sea southeast of the mainland, this 650m2 home is a wooden house that has been designed by Festen Architecture in co-operation with the ADG agency – the architect of the house. Because of its island location, the ocean has a strong presence both in travel arrangements and in the spectacular panoramic views and for this reason the colors of sand, sea and weathered wood have taken center stage within the home’s interiors and pool terrace.

The terrace is wrapped in naturally weathered timbers that form a visual continuum with the land and waterscapes beyond.
From the outdoor living room the swimming pool blends effortlessly with the views and the driftwood vibe of the naturally weathered timbers is complimented by the soft shades of blue within the various cushions. Even without the view it has a such a super comfy seaside vibe that you half expect sand and shells to be visible beneath the decking.
The naturally weathered wood aesthetic continues from the terrace into and through the home – not just on the flooring but on the walls too.
The softness of the patina’d wood makes the perfect backdrop to potent cobalt hues such as on the bar stools within the kitchen and even though the intricate pattern of the beams within the exposed ceiling rafters could easily dominate the space, painting them white lets the eye popping bar stools be the star of the show.
Cobalt Blue also makes an appearance on a lacquered stool/table in the hallway corner creating a bold and oh so beautiful eye candy moment. This hallway leads to the master bedroom which features a unique headboard detail.
The headboard has been wrapped in horizontal timbers that create a relief pattern that includes a plate rail for displaying an ever changing selection of art and/or photography.
The master bedroom ensuite is opposite the headboard wall and keeps its decor simple, allowing the focus to remain on those brilliant oceanic views. Simple however does not mean boring; the freestanding tub and cantilevered sink make quite a statement on their own.
The hallway bathroom does not have the views of the master ensuite but creates its own WOW moment with a tiled shower that abstractly resembles slices of a log against a dark blue backdrop.
There are four guest bedrooms within this island home and these three rooms are all individualized with their own color pop. There is the yellow room the green room the red room and of course, the blue room.
Even the yellow room – which is a color as far removed from the beach as you can get – still has a weathered outdoor vibe showcasing how well Festen Architecture is able to translate their designs into a continuous aesthetic throughout a home.
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