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Unique Nightstands that are all the Rage

There seems to be a misconception that once you decorate your bedroom, your main furniture pieces should remain the same. Though this might be the easy way out, it’s not always the best way, especially if the room starts to feel dull and even “boring.” If that is the case it is time to consider changing up your staple pieces and bringing in something fun. When that is the case, it’s time to bring in unique nightstands and allow them to be the focus. Here are unique, nightstands that are all the rage.

Minimal & White

Bring in a singular white cabinet for your side table and ensure it has a metallic touch to give the room a bold approach.

Though most trends have changed, including the bedroom ones, one styling isn’t quite done being a part of our homes- white furniture. White furniture came in with a vengeance and has never left. With that being said, one unique nightstand idea is having a minimal, white stand. Yes! That simple, white minimal stands work due to how easy they are to pair with other bold decorative pieces. It’s all about making the room, come to life while having that minimal touch added in seamlessly.


When choosing your round table work with a table that has some sort of texture, doing so will allow you to get the most out of the room while still being sleek.

Sometimes you want to add a feminine twist, and other times you want to keep it chic both times having a rounded table works exceptionally well. Having a rounded table makes the room come to life by removing any awkward corners you might have. Though it is quite common and even minimal a rounded table can make a huge difference in the way your décor is displayed among other areas in the room. It’s all about having that feminine touch that brightens the space overall.

Side Open Stand

Even if your side floating shelf is minimal, pair it with a sleek, light fixture to give the room a more modern approach.

For the minimalist who wants to keep it unique and chic, there is the side open stand. They’re open, airy and can only hold a few items at a time. You can almost say this stand is intended to float. Having a floating touch will instantly make the room have a unique feel that oozes from the wall. Plus, how cool does an open floating stand look? We think it looks great!

Natural Element

Add a painted element to your log to make the room have a touch of edge right where you want and need it best.

Whether you love to have nature in your décor or not, no doubt adding natural elements can instantly make or break a room. The key, when working with natural elements and incorporating them into your bedside, is using a simple log. You read that correctly, having a natural log can make a huge statement. It’s all about making the room have a bit of a natural feel without being overbearing or completely taking the room by storm. It’s all about creating that contrast that speaks volumes without being too much in the forefront.

Retro Flair

For a retro flair bring in an old fashion table and allow it to be the focus of the room overall. Consider adding some color for a bolder appeal.

If unique is the game, you want to play is bringing in a retro flair is the way to go. When it comes to incorporating a retro flair, consider having something completely out of the box. Whether that be using a nightstand in a unique design or it’s having a minimal display, either or will work the same, as they will ultimately give you that retro feel. Use a nightstand with a metallic bit to ensure the retro feel goes on as smoothly as possible.

Hampton’s Style

Hampton’s style nightstands work great when you want to add feminine charm, right where you need it most. It works to make the room feel grand and sleek.

Hampton style nightstands are not only chic and unique, but they are oh so cute! They fit into any decorating style, but they also make a statement. There is something about this decorating style that simply makes sense. Regardless, if you add one or two nightstands it completely up to you. The idea is to have at least one Hampton style bedside stand and allow it to feel like a part of your décor seamlessly. Pair with a few chic pieces to help you embrace the room.

Large Wood

The larger and thicker your wood piece is, the better. It creates a contrast that is wood and sleek.

Sometimes all a room needs is a large piece of furniture; however, not many want to bring in a large bed or even a large stand, which is where having a large wood nightstand could be the answer. A large wooden nightstand can make a huge difference in the room. Overall, it can add a cozy touch even in the most modern decorated space. The key is working with a larger piece that brings focus directly to that area of the home.

Bring on the Block

When selecting a white block consider going as bold as possible for the perfect contrast.

When it comes to modern bring in a block nightstand. The beauty of having a block nightstand is how unique and bold it is. It’s one solid piece that immediately makes the room feel modern. Furthermore, there will be a solid dose of décor that will instantly come into play when you are working with such a modern element. We recommend bringing in a solid hue of write or black as these two shades work beautifully together and apart seamlessly.

Pop of Color

Bringing a bold color can make the room feel grand and sleek but with a hint of much-needed personality.

If you are in doubt, what kind of side table to bring to your bedroom for a unique touch- use color. Color is one of the easiest things you can add to a room to give it that contemporary feel is color. However, not just any color, but a bold and daring hue. Bringing in a daring shade that is completely different from what you already have in the space, can make the room feel completely different from what it used to. Funny enough, having a bold shade will ultimately make the space come to life while still being easy and even comforting to the area.


If you don’t want to have all of your suitcases displayed only use one for a unique twist that brightens the room overall.

For those that are travelers and enjoy having items around that remind them of their travels, consider using your suitcases as the main focus of the room. Instead of having them hidden away or in an uncomfortable area, bring your suitcase directly to the focus of the room. Doing so will not only remind you every day of your travels and new experiences, but it will ensure you get to give your suitcase a multipurpose touch. Work with suitcases of multiple sides to truly make a statement right where you need it best. Furthermore, the multiple sizes will allow you to create contrast and dimension.

When it comes to having nightstands in your home, which idea do you like best? Is there a specific decorating style you are into? Share with us below.


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