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Ultramodern Orange House Takes Home Lighting to Extreme

Perched on top of a hill overlooking a technological university in Turkey’s capital city of Ankara, this unmistakable home stands as a landmark residence set apart by vibrant colors and modern architecture. A project by Yazgan Design Architecture, the bright orange house introduces utterly unique concepts and patterns both inside and out, giving it a truly personalized atmosphere. What makes the house most different from its peers, however, is its focus on lighting design, with imaginative installations all over the property and interior. On the outside, mirrored lamp stalks mimic pond plants and illuminated strips of glass frame the pool and rear decks. Inside, intelligent light placement helps accent artwork and a configurable multicolored glass staircase sets the mood for the whole residence. Despite its bright orange tone and playful contemporary shape, the house can adapt to become calming and professional due to its lighting system.

The most important facade of the dwelling is at its rear, which plays host to a large pool, an elevated deck overlooking the city, and a spacious downsloping lawn. The building is clad in orange plastic-based paint, punctuated by thin strips of metal wrapping around the whole of the house.
Above the two above-ground floors of the residence, a wide silver roof provides shade for its closest outdoor spaces and deflects light from entering actively through its windows at the height of the day. Between each level of the interior, a thicker metal stripe than normal denotes the transition outside.
At night, the color of the home deepens toward a red tone, while sleek accent lighting on the rear helps to highlight the decks, the pool, and walkways on the property.
In addition to under-step lighting strips, the front entry path includes a number of sculptural fixtures along its ascent toward the house. These fixtures grow wider and taller at the top of the stairs when the pathway flattens.
One exit from the home’s main floor leads directly into the pool, a unique touch that helps unite the house with a landscape element that is often simply set somewhere without much thought given to design integration. Set right against the dwelling, the edge of the pool takes on a very unconventional shape.
Very much like its outside walls, the interior of the house is dominated by orange-painted sections and creative ultramodern design touches. The home features curved wall corners, open spaces, and artistic ceiling textures.
Lighting design is one of the most important aspects of the residence’s interior. With orange dominating the walls, it would seem that the house would have too much visual energy to be comfortable by night. However, built-in lighting in the floors, ceilings, and even the main staircase helps to instill different moods at different points throughout the day.
Along a hallway on the main floor, blue underfoot lighting helps to provide the correct visual atmosphere for a painting hung on the wall. In certain corners, structural beams of the building are visible, finished in reflective metal.
One of the most important lighting installations inside is the main staircase, which winds up from the basement to the top floor. The glass steps are illuminated with lighting strips which can change to any color of the rainbow and can be individually controlled to create a multicolored array of lights.
When lit with multiple colors, the stairway can show a progression upward in light or can simply demonstrate a random selection of the rainbow’s hues. The lights built within the structure are strong enough to set the mood for the entire home.
Upstairs, curved glass railings give view into the main floor below, and wide gaps in the tall roof structure lead to skylights which bring in light through each of the two above-ground floors at the height of the day.
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