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Tub Shower Combo from Genesi – the Tandem combo for two

An exclusive design solution for busy people with busy lives; the Tandem tub shower combo is brought to you by Genesi. Allowing two people to use the tub shower at the same time provides the ultimate in day-to-day practicality. You can relax in the deluxe whirlpool bathtub whilst your partner has a quick shower, revelling in the versatility and inspired design of the bath-shower. Or, with a swing of the glass door that divides the tub and shower, you can both enjoy showering simultaneously, the splashes well contained by the combo unit. The aesthetically pleasing design saves space in your bathroom, yet permits you to enjoy the convenience of bathing options to suit your lifestyle. For on-the-go luxury, try a tub shower combo from Genesi.


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