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Traditional Street Facade Hides Modernist Home on Miami Lake

Touzet Studio received a brief from their client to create a modernist home in an area that has strict City codes about the facades of buildings – and those traditional codes don’t blend well with contemporary building styles. The Coral Gables Residence designed by Touzet Studio is located on a waterfront site that faces east across Biscayen Bay to Downtown Miami and the Barrier Islands. The location of the home had strict City guidelines for stone-clad volumes and a sloping tile roof and Touzet Studio had to creatively interpret the rules to fit in with the homeowners design aesthetic. The solution was to install multiple sloping roof sections that float above glass clerestory windows. The contrast between the client’s wants and the City’s requirements continued on with the choices of materials with the final result being a stone clad façade that morphs into rough hewn Florida Keystone on the lower section and honed Simena Limestone on the upper volume. The roof is a sculptural work of art that is hidden from the street side of the home and held up with large expanses of glass walls. The roof creates a large overhang that provides shade and protection to the deck areas below. The finished home is a modern masterpiece on the private waterside of the home.

The front facade of the home keeps the secret of the modern design aesthetic behind its facade of stone and simple sloped roof-line. The only hint that there may be more to this home then what meets the eye is the row of clerestory windows at the very top of the wall.
Upon entering the living space of the home, it is clear that this building is anything but traditional. The large expanses of windows offering panoramic views of the waterfront are clean lined and minimalist. The choice of furnishings are a complimentary collection of low, sculptural pieces, such as the huge sectional covered in oversized tufting, the two S curved chairs in a palette of charcoal and an occasional chair and ottoman punctuating the vignette with a bright tangerine hue.
Just past the living area is the large dining room. Here a table is ready for a party of 12 and can easily accommodate 2 more on the ends. A long row of smoky glass globes are suspended in a staggered formation from a rolling ceiling of wood slats and just outside the stackable wall of glass is a an outdoor seating arrangement adorned with pillows and a rug in celery shades. Large potted palm trees complete the overall look of the terrace by creating a connection to the stunning landscape beyond.
The dining room, although huge, is more intimate then the living space. This is accomplished by the use of the oversized area rug in a plush dusky grey shade the rolling wood clad ceiling and the wood blocked wall details.
While the interior of the home is minimalist in design, the back yard is lush and organic. The decks wrap around a pool and just a few feet away Is the lake. The close proximity of the palm trees offer a resort type feel to the space and create an immediate connection to the potted palm trees located on the terrace just outside the dining room.
The palm trees reach for the sun and in so doing enter into the realm of the 2nd story terrace. Here, the terrace acts as a division to the two sides of the home. It is a private and quiet space to reflect before retiring for the evening. The lush tops of the palm trees add a layer of depth to the scenery that would otherwise be amiss.
The 2nd story terrace is inset from the building and the two sides of the home, along with the large overhang to the roof creates a micro-climate for those enjoying the space on cooler, breezier evenings. The roof cut out offers a view to the stars on those late night moments.
The homeowner was lucky to have Touzet Studio create such a special place for them in such a magnificent setting.
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