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Traditional stone farmhouse extended with glass and steel addition

What better place than the history steeped province of Quebec for this traditional stone farmhouse, where traditional meets modern to combine the 200-year-old original (which once belonged to the Hudson Bay Company) and the new contemporary style addition. Architect Henri Cleinge achieved an artful balance between these opposing aesthetics, the structure showcasing each as a star in its own right. This interesting contrast took a cue from the residents of the house – four generations of family, with great grandfather, grandparents and children accommodated in the old stone house, and the parents / homeowners in the new glass and steel addition. This renovation is certainly a lesson in harmony. Have a look!

Old and new are connected via an enclosed bridge leading to the main volume. The two are linked, but the addition enjoys privacy and individuality.
Behind the metal clad extension, an outdoor entertaining area features a pool wrapped in a spacious wood deck. Stairs lead up to the sliding doors ushering visitors in.
Outside, manicured lawns and gardens, and the riverfront provides a breathtaking focal point.
Crisp black and white interiors accent minimalist living with few but thoughtful accents in a vibrant lime green hue. Black window frames put the natural vistas on display. A glossy black baby grand piano in the corner is a dramatic addition to the space.
Wood details instantly warm up this otherwise cool, contemporary space.
The kitchen is aptly warm, with a wood ceiling, but not without a healthy helping of modern, with a white breakfast bar and prep area, and a glossy black backsplash which reflects the views through the opposing glass wall.
A veiled set of stairs follows the glass wall, leading to the private master suite upstairs.
Floor to ceiling glass and the open-to-below view give this bedroom an open, airy feel while still maintaining its privacy.
The master bath upstairs also overlooks the lower living area, with a curtain which can be closed for privacy.
In contrast to the clean, contemporary addition, the historic half of the house has this farmhouse style that’s so warm and inviting, with stone walls and exposed wood beams zigzagging across the vaulted ceiling overhead.
This kitchen features modern elements, but embraces history with its rustic stone walls, dark framed windows, and the sloping ceiling.
And like its contemporary counterpart, this volume also features a cool loft design idea – this one a dedicated work space that’s sure to inspire!
Floor plans
Henri Cleinge
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