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TOTO Ryohan Suite – the ripples on sand

Inspired by the Zen gardens of Japan, Toto’s new Ryohan Suite brings tranquility into your bathroom. Ripples on the toilet, ripples on the lavatory … it feels like entering the secret garden of Zen. The Ryohan Suite includes a self-rimming shallow lavatory, a sensor faucet reminiscent of bamboo reeds, and a one-piece toilet. Following Toto’s tradition, the suite is not only elegant but is also well-equipped with smart technology. The Ryohan toilet uses Toto’s Double Cyclone Flush Engine. Its large lid is molded into a shelf to store toiletries, tissues, or other bathroom necessities. Its ergonomic seat is positioned at the Universal Height to facilitate rising from a sitting to standing position. The Ryohan lavatory is Sana-Gloss glazed and is 4” in depth. The Ryohan EcoPower sensor faucet doesn’t require hard-wiring to an electrical system and is completely self-sufficient – it generates and stores its own electricity every time water spins its small internal turbine. This enables its lithium rechargeable battery, that serves as a back-up power source, to last up to 10 years without replacement. Triggered by pulsating infrared light, the Ryohan faucet has another amazing feature – it records its own daily usage for a full week; then, during periods of infrequent use, it automatically reduces its infrared pulse frequency to conserve electricity. And it saves water, too. Toto USA



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