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TOTO Ryohan Suite – the ripples on sand

toto ryohan toilet TOTO Ryohan Suite   the ripples on sand
Inspired by the Zen gardens of Japan, Toto’s new Ryohan Suite brings tranquility into your bathroom. Ripples on the toilet, ripples on the lavatory … it feels like entering the secret garden of Zen. The Ryohan Suite includes a self-rimming shallow lavatory, a sensor faucet reminiscent of bamboo reeds, and a one-piece toilet. Following Toto’s tradition, the suite is not only elegant but is also well-equipped with smart technology. The Ryohan toilet uses Toto’s Double Cyclone Flush Engine. Its large lid is molded into a shelf to store toiletries, tissues, or other bathroom necessities. Its ergonomic seat is positioned at the Universal Height to facilitate rising from a sitting to standing position. The Ryohan lavatory is Sana-Gloss glazed and is 4” in depth. The Ryohan EcoPower sensor faucet doesn’t require hard-wiring to an electrical system and is completely self-sufficient – it generates and stores its own electricity every time water spins its small internal turbine. This enables its lithium rechargeable battery, that serves as a back-up power source, to last up to 10 years without replacement. Triggered by pulsating infrared light, the Ryohan faucet has another amazing feature – it records its own daily usage for a full week; then, during periods of infrequent use, it automatically reduces its infrared pulse frequency to conserve electricity. And it saves water, too. Toto USA

Ryohan Toilet TOTO Ryohan Suite   the ripples on sand



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