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Top Decorating Tips Designers Swear By

Every one knows designers and celebrity styles have all the tricks on hand at all times. They not only know everything there is to know, but they’re around the industry so often that if they don’t know they will learn it along the way. This is why we wanted to take the time and put together our take on the top decorating tips designers swear by. Our guide will not only ensure you get the most out of every room in your home, but it will ensure you can fully embrace your personal decorating style.

Take a Bold Stand in Small Spaces

Match your bold wallpaper with a power hue to give the room that rich aspect you want

Sometimes when we look at small spaces the last thing we want to do is bombard it with decor. However, contrary to popular belief, small spaces are perfect to add bold decorative items into it. Graphic prints, wallpapers, and more are perfect for smaller bathrooms as they make a bold contrast that feels open and airy.

Blend Patterns

It’s all about making your patterns come to life, regardless of where you place them. The key is working with two different patterns that have the same color wave.

Another misconception that designers are knocking is working with patterns and/or being afraid of them. Blending patterns work great when you want to add visual interest in any room. The idea of it is having the patterns truly become the focus without taking away from the rooms overall touch. Blend your patterns with neutrals to allow them to make the main statement on their own.

Color Your Hallway

If in doubt, bring in a colorful wallpaper to give the room color yet have texture and contrast.

While most hallways are kept pretty neutral, designers recommend taking them a step further and painting them a colorful hue. If you happen to be more reserved with color and consider your home mostly neutral, painting your hallway is one way to spice it up. Use a bold hue and allow it to be the main focus of your home. Pair with fun paintings to truly evolve the room and embrace the color.

Floor-to-ceiling Shelving

Pair your floor to ceiling shelves with some sort of color to truly make the room feel sleek and fun

Floor-to-ceiling shelving is one of those items that brighten the room overall. Furthermore, its one of those decorating items that truly add character to any room. So, not only are you getting a product that helps add storage to a room but it creates a multidimensional aesthetic.

Create Balance

Creating balance means the room feels sleek, cohesive and fun while coming to life at once

Take a look at the room’s overall picture and consider what you really want to be displayed in the room. Once you have considered that, take it a step further and work towards creating balance. The key is creating a balance that makes the room feel as cohesive as possible without taking away from the room’s aesthetic. Create a different vibe that balances the room in general.

Take the Walls a Step Further

The bolder your wallpaper the less intense your decor can be. Having a contrast works magically well in any room.

When in doubt, instead of painting your walls use wallpaper. Using wallpaper works great because it enables you to make the walls feel as grandiose as possible. Furthermore, it enables you to choose what type of decor you want to work with the wallpaper you have. Consider using a colorful wallpaper to make the room feel modern, or go for a minimal one to allow your furniture to be the focus.

Ground the Room

For that grounding effect bring as many neutral hues as possible for that expansive feel that is chic and sleek

Instead of having the room feel all over the place, filled with color, pattern, and nothing but textures, it’s time to ground it. Grounding it means bringing in neutral hues. Having neutrals will ground the room while taking your decor to the next level. Furthermore, it’s all about making the room come to life without having too much to contrast with. Neutrals do just that, in a cohesive manner.

Contrast It

Whether you use one shade or multiple shades creating a contrast means you make the room feel grand and bold

Whether you like to mesh colors together or even create a color scheme, having a contrasting approach is great for those that want to bring forth rich colors, that make sense to the room’s overall approach. Furthermore, creating contrast is perfect for those that don’t want to work too much color into a room yet still want to have a grand appeal.

Mix Metals

Whether you bring in lighter shades of metallic or darker ones is completely up to you. The key is working with contrasting bits that make sense to the room

If warming up the room is something you want to do, working with metals is the way to go. It not only, softens the edges of your decor, but it warms the room up seamlessly. It’s all about making the room feel as fresh and new as possible. It’s almost as if your decor will come to life, but with hints of cozy all at once. Metals can be added throughout the entire room.

Nature, Please

The more plants you display, the better! It will bring better, air to the room in general

Do not be afraid of bringing nature directly into your home. Sometimes you want a plant or two not only to bring color but also make the room more breathable. Furthermore, adding nature will enhance the room’s appeal while making it feel larger. You can almost consider your plants as the main focus of the room to really create a contrast that makes sense to the room.

Which of these ideas are you excited to try? Share with us below.


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