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TMIO Oven – cooking over the Internet…?

TMIO is the world’s first intelligent oven – while away from home, you get on the internet and tell TMIO oven to cook – or, if your plans changed, use your cellular phone or PDA and tell your oven to “delay cook time, change cook temperature, refrigerate after cooking, set a warming mode or cancel the cook cycle altogether. The convenience is yours!” TMIO oven will refrigerate food, then cook it when you tell it. In a nut shell, TMIO stainless steel oven combines refrigeration and cooking in the same oven cavity, and is remotely controlled via wireless or wired connection. The new two cavity design (30″ Double Wall) oven offers independent refrigeration and cooking of 2 separate dishes. Each cavity cools and cooks according to its own instructions. “This amazing oven solves the everyday struggle of how to get dinner on the table – with the TMIO oven, you don’t have to be home to cook.” No wonder its name stands for Tonight’s Menu Intelligent Ovens. TMIO oven is made by TMIO company in Cleveland, OH, and is available for around $2,500 for a single and around $4,000 for a double-wall version. TMIO


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