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Standing Lavatory Mixer from Watermark Designs – the Titanium one-touch floor-mounted faucet

A faucet that reaches new heights, the Titanium Standing Lavatory Mixer dramatically drops water into the free-standing designer basin of your choice. A simple linear design, the Titanium floor-mounted faucet rises from the floor to tower over the vanity. The cylindrical faucet body features a streamlined integrated control, just the slightest movement releases a rush of plummeting water. The clean lines and gleaming finish accent the minimalist beauty of this floor-mounted faucet. An impressive 45 ½ inches tall the Watermark Designs free-standing mixer features the distinguishing high-tech one-touch functionality that offer modern style and design. With a range of thirty-five finishes, the Titanium standing lavatory mixer by Watermark Designs is available from $2333 to $2916.


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