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Tiny House – A Backyard Sanctuary in Missouri

Art, reading, writing, music, good friends and silence are all the perks of having a tiny home away from home in your own backyard. That’s what this Missouri homeowner has within this one room abode and it’s a place that she can gravitate to whenever possible. The simplicity of the metal clad roof and plywood decking speak to the purpose of the retreat. Simplicity at its best offers a freeing of the spirit and allows the homeowner to create complex vistas within the creativity of her own soul. The 36″ wide French Doors means that on a sunny day the wall can be opened up for an outdoor connectivity allowing her to listen to the birds and maybe the rustling of the leaves as a breeze passes by.

The setting of this retreat is as peaceful as you can get. Surrounded by trees and foliage, it is a place to unwind and forget the stresses of the urban life that surrounds it. It is a place where friends can gather for a relaxing afternoon of quiet reflection.
The interior space is completely void of frivolity. An old comfortable chair, raw shelves on the wall, a painted grey floor and sunny yellow walls is all that’s needed, just the basics, it is after all a place where the human spirit is the star attraction. Here, the homeowner can sit back and create, read, and / or enjoy the silence and if she so chooses, she can invite a friend to join her in this special place.
Tiny House Swoon
Photos by Cathy Johnson


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