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THG Paris Environment Hermes Leather Pedestal Sink

Mixing simple forms with classic leather work, the Environment Hermes Leather Pedestal Sink from THG Paris makes a stunning statement. The gleaming white circular basin stands atop a leather clad plinth. When ringed by a modern towel rail the Environment Hermes achieves a timeless style. Featuring a rich ruddy leather decorated with twisting and turning patterns of bridles and leads, the THG pedestal sink is then marked with horse profiles and horse shoes. Tailored between two panels of plain leather, this decorative leather swirls from vibrant to deep dark reds. A wonderful complement for the Environment Hermes Leather bathtub, the range offers a warm and intelligent classic style. A beautiful design that offers elegance and a classic refinement, the Environment Hermes Leather Pedestal Sink is available from THG Paris.


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