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ThermaSol new Controls and Accessories for Home Spa or Steam Shower

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Luxurious relaxing shower that soothe away your worries and strains, the ThermaSol Steam Shower offers a high quality and seamless installation that invisibly transforms your bathroom into a home spa. Featuring a quick start technology, the ThermaSol Steam Showers take mere seconds to wrap you in steam. Whisper quiet and easy to maintain, the ThermaSol brings real luxury spa treatment into your home. Now ThermaSol offers a selection of sophisticated controls that allow you to personalise the Steam Shower to your exact taste . ThermaSol’s new home spa controls and accessories can be selected to complement any bathroom design and are available in a range of fourteen design finishes, which offer not only the right controls for your bathroom but in the perfect finish.
ThermaSol Serenity Sound & Mood Light
The Serenity Sound & Mood Light offers an understated style that blends with your bathroom to create a modern home spa of luxurious comfort. A simple circular panel, the Serenity Sound & Mood Light features a smooth plain surface …. with a pattern of bevelled holes. Behind three of the flower like rings hide chromatherapy lights. Like the pixels of your television, the Serenity Sound & Mood Light offers groups of red, green and blue to create the relaxing mood and atmosphere you desire. To aid in this, ThermaSol has also incorporated a wonderful sound system that washes over you soothing the mind and soul, while the penetrating steam relieves aching muscles and opens pores for a deep cleansing shower. The ThermaSol Serenity Sound & Mood Light transforms a simple shower into a personal light show where you take centre stage.
ThermaSol Aromatherapy Retractable Steamhead
A beautiful nearly flush mounted steamhead, the Aromatherapy Retractable Steamhead features a subtle sophisticated style. The brushed metal finish of the Aromatherapy Retractable Steam Head sweeps around creating a raised ring around a solid circular plate. Three deep grooves curve in parallel, offering an elegant detail atop the otherwise smooth form. When in use the centre disc rises from the wall and mounting, to release the hot cleansing steam. In addition ThermaSol has developed an integrated aromatherapy system that combines sensual scents and aromas which sooth the soul and mind. Modern subtle beauty a that offers deep soothing relaxation, the ThermaSol Aromatherapy Retractable Steam Head is a fabulous wall mounted fixture for the ThermaSol Steam Shower.
ThermaSol Handheld Remotes
Elegant slimline Handheld Remotes, ThermaSol have created a simple design that avoids looking like an electronic gadget and instead resembles a magical wand. Tapered at each end the gleaming metallic rods feature a single line of touch buttons. Battery powered, the control features four buttons and and a low battery light. Available in either a white text or black graphic layout, the Handheld Remotes fit firmly in the hand and are easy to control. A unique design that blends bathroom language and form with modern technology, the ThermaSol Handheld Remotes bring you luxury at your convenience.
ThermaSol Signature Series Controls
A small discreet control panel, the Signature Series Home Spa Controls offers a simple wall mounted interface. A small shield shaped plate, Signature Series Controls features two touch button pads. The top rectangular panel digitally displays the temperature below which are four buttons for Light, Music, Temperature & Time. The second circular touch panel adjusts each of the four control categories. The Signature Series Control is available in both graphic and text based button layouts. Available in the ThermaSol range of 14 finishes, the Signature Series Controls offer a easy to locate unit with a refined air.
ThermaSol Temp-Touch Series Controls
The Temp-Touch Series Home Spa Controls continues the circular forms of the Aromatherapy Retractable Steamhead and the Serenity Sound & Mood Light. The small circular touch panel of the Temp-Touch Series Control is set in a bevelled ring of fine metal. The wall mounted control rises slightly from the wall, and offers a balanced serene style. The Temp-Touch Series Control features buttons for music, steam and light beneath which runs a cool line of illuminated dots that indicate volume. The rounded forms lends a unity within the range and the circular form inherently creates a sense of stability, balance and beauty. A wonderful intuitive control panel, the ThermaSol Temp-Touch Series Control is a perfect choice for both contemporary and serene bathroom design.


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