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The TOTO Soiree Toilet – sculpted geometric design plus extremely low maintenance toilet

A sharp sculpted geometric design, the Soiree Toilet is serious and refined. The subtle skirting at the bottom is reflected in the bevelled tank lid giving a balanced and united profile. Besides its fine looks, the Soiree is extremely low maintenance. There is a concealed trapway for easy cleaning, and the sculpted base leaves no where for dirt to hide. In addition the Double Cyclone flush technology creates an intense centrifugal action which scrubs the rim every time you flush. Combined with the SanaGloss finish, dirt is easily whisked away. The new technology also means this single piece toilet has no holes on the rim, offering a seamless appearance. The TOTO Soiree Toilet is crisp, clean and suave. Available for $850 or $977.50 depending on color.


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