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Minimalist Table Lamp Behive by Foscarini

This minimalist table lamp by Foscarini is causing quite the buzz around. The Behive lamp by Berlin-born architect and designer Werner Aisslinger has a distinctive bowl shape that mirrors that of its namesake, coupled with a distinctive pattern of overlaid rings for that real beehive effect. The opaque white shade measures 15 3/4 inches in width and height, and tapers at the base, giving this table lamp a delicate, pleasing silhouette. A pair of these lamps will make a sweet addition to your bedside tables, or get inspired in your office or studio, and any modern living room will appreciate this bright addition. Of course, these minimalist table lamps come with dimmers, so you can go from bright light to gentle glow with a simple switch. Check out the Behive lamp by visiting Foscarini.



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