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Sharp Superheated Steam Oven AX700-S

sharp-superheated steam oven.jpg
The AX700-S Superheated Steam Oven from Sharp is the newest healthy way to cook your favorite foods. The amazingly versatile Superheated Steam Oven can steam, roast, grill and prepare convenience foods to perfection. The concept of this oven is to prepare healthier foods by melting away the fat with steam molecules heated to more than twice their normal temperature. The easy to use LCD display will guide you through an array of preset cooking controls to ensure the finest quality food preparation. The EZ clean accessories also make this oven very user friendly. The fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish, pull down door with viewing window, 3 ½ cup water reservoir, and 20 watt interior lighting are just a few other features of this modern convenience. The countertop mounted Superheated Steam Oven is 20 ½”x 13 9/16”x 18 5/16” allowing for a 0.9cu.ft. oven capacity. Retail price is $1,499.95. The full color brochure at Sharp will entice you with mouthwatering pictures of foods that are as healthy as they are tasty.

Also available is the AX700-R in Red:
sharp-superheated steam oven-red.jpg


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