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Super Modern Suburban House

The design of this super modern family home makes quite a statement in the suburban area of Sttutgart, Germany. The site borders an old hillside vineyard at the top, while its other side is turned towards the city, opening great city views. The architects at UNStudio have created an envelope that belongs neither to the city nor to the countryside, but is a unique organic structure that creates a universe on its own. Following the slope of the site, the house is structured on two floors, each floor creating a different volume. These two volumes overlap, interwind and cantilever on top of each other making the house look like it were on the point of loosing its balance. The roof twists in various points in order to become vertical and form the facades. The other materials that form the facades are glass and steel. One of the back corners of the house, where the two volumes overlap perfectly, is made of glass with a thin steel frame to sustain the structure. On the top floor one of the side facades is also completely glazed. These large glazed surfaces have a double role; on the one side they bring a lot of natural light into the house, and on the other they open great views on both the city roofs and the pastoral landscape behind.

Under the double height glazed corner of the house there is an extra long wooden dining table that allows the guests to feel like eating outside, in the vineyard.
The dining table is separated from the all-white open kitchen by a sculptural white Corian bar- counter, with an organic shape that looks like a miniature replica of the house’s design. This functional sculpture seems to continue outside throughout the glass facade, as on the other side, on the outside terrace, we have a more geometrical continuation of the counter. The main element of the interior is the winding staircase, with wooden steps that seem to spread like a fluid at the base to cover the floor of the living room area.
The interior is all white and organically shaped, mirroring the exterior of the house. A major element of the interior decoration, three animal trophees stick their heads out of the white wall dominateing the dining room table.


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