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Stylish Contemporary Apartment Boasting Sophisticated Lighting System

Designed by a duo of designers who call themselves “Ministry on Interior Affairs“, this apartment located in Gdynia, Poland, boasts a very contemporary design with highly technological accents. When I say technological I especially mean the electrical fixtures, which are quite eclectic. Alongside with more traditional pendant and wall lamps, there is a system of direct and indirect LED bands and spots that contribute to create a very sophisticated overall atmosphere. The designers went for an “all-white” background and chose a few colorful objects in orange to stand out. The mat and glossy white surfaces get the hues of the changing RGB led light. The choice of furniture is quite harmonious throughout the apartment, ranging from colder glossy white in the entrance, kitchen and living room areas, and getting cozier towards the home office and bedroom.
The entrance already prepares the eye with the glossy white wardrobe with its inclined lines and the vertical beams of led light.

The living area has several striking elements, and the first one to notice is the bioethanol monumental fireplace that also includes the media center and “hides” the TV behind a screen which makes it basically invisible when not on.
Another element is the “circle”, present both on the ceiling with this round niche of light and on the floor, in the shape of a glossy white low table.
The open kitchen is also glossy white, and the appliances are integrated and hidden behind push-pull doors whenever possible. No knob or handle comes to disturb the harmony of the immaculate surface.
The light seems to be escaping from behind, between and under…
The study is in line with the rest of the house, with white and black surfaces. The atmosphere is quite masculine, by the choice of minimalistic furnishing and of the anthracite wallpaper with boats motif.
More textiles are introduced in the bedroom in order to create a more intimate atmosphere. The bed it upholstered, the wallpaper has a soft floral motif and a furry carpet dresses up the wood floor.
The bathroom, in white and mother-of-pearl mosaic, is a temple of purity. The massive freestanding Corian sink and the sculptural radiators and towel warmers give it an ultramodern touch.
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