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Stylish and Spacious Concrete House

This contemporary concrete house designed by Switzerland-based SimmenGroup accommodates multiple families, functions and fashions in its spacious, versatile design. Measuring almost 7,000 sq. ft., this monolith makes a striking impression on its treed, rolling landscape. The sloping plot places the home on a platform, with unobstructed views of hillside and horizon off in the distance. The towering shape has a strong geometric presence, its various volumes pieced together, protruding, recessed and angled in interesting ways. The concrete makes a bold statement, both in construction and in aesthetics. Check it out:

From the hilltop and street-side, the house stands on a smaller scale which expands as you move down the slope. The view from below reveals its many levels of living space. Set within the concrete frame, glass walls add a lightness to this substantial silhouette, while framing breathtaking vistas in every direction.
The wide windows are lined with glazed balconies that bring a bit of the outdoors to every level – something most multi-family dwellings fall short on – whether it’s views of nature, an alfresco living area, though small but sweet, or the stunning swimming pool below.
By night, the glazed facades glow warmly from within, while artful outdoor lighting illuminates the manicured lawns and the slope-side swimming pool, complete with waterfalls. This inviting outdoor living area lures you to lounge away your lazy days.
Interiors are modern in style, but warm and livable at the same time. The natural materials – wood kitchen cabinets, rustic wood furniture and dramatic timber feature walls – are an instant warm-up for these otherwise cool, contemporary rooms.
Large expanses of glass let sunlight spill into every corner of this open plan, where living room, dining area and kitchen flow into each other. The floor-to-ceiling glazing doubles interiors visually, letting the eye wander out to the horizon.
Beyond the floor-to-ceiling glass walls, outdoor living areas are as friendly and functional as the indoors. Equipped with simple yet stylish furnishings, these alfresco areas give interiors something to contend with!
The wood decks meet pebble gardens, where sculptural trees add greenery add an artistic element to the space. Tucked beneath an overhanging roof, this outdoor sitting and dining area is the perfect place to take in a sunset while entertaining a group, or spending some solo time.
Like other rooms in the home, this bathroom is lined with wide windows that frame lovely views and flood the space with natural light. Whether primping and prepping for a day out, or relaxing on a night in, this chic spa-inspired space offers luxury and a lull in your busy day.
via Contemporist
photo credit: kellenberger/kaminski


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