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Stove Radiator from Sikken – Ray is also a true wood pizza oven!

With a clear nod to the chunky style of past-time radiators, the Ray stove radiator from Sikken looks confidently towards the future. Ray is rather different… this radiator is also actually a hot oven suitable to cook your home-made pizza! For those who want the best of all worlds, this oven/stove/radiator is just ideal. The toasty heat dissipates gently through the large surface space, meaning that the Ray is comfortable enough to sit on, yet will easily warm a large room. Ray also boasts high efficiency of 83% and a neutral coloration that will make this radiator a clear favorite for many years to come – indeed, it is a cult classic in the making. With a price from € 3,950 ($ 5,976) – Ray is a versatile and unusual stove from Sikken.


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