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Stepped house with stone walls and standout white cube

TRC House by Greek architecture firm Paan Architects is a rustic style house designed to all but disappear into its surroundings. Set on a stone base and surrounded by the rocky landscape of this coastal Greek town, the house almost looks like a solitary white cube floating above the hillside. The materials used blend into the background, making this mid-sized home look deceivingly smaller than its actual size, especially when you take in the whole picture – the rolling hills, the winding beach, and the sparkling sea lapping at its feet. This cool coastal home exudes casual comfort and easy living. Check it out.

The house is located at the northeast coast of the island of Antiparos, in a protected valley steps from the beach. The natural slope of the land meant some creative thinking in the design of this house, which uses the principles of traditional terracing in a stepped style structure. The house consists of two parallel stone walls that define the home’s shape and provide structural support. “Parts of the building mass are extracted, creating voids that define in between spaces, courtyards, gardens and patios with different orientation, view and spatial qualities,” according to Paan Architects.
The hillside home is accessed from above with the rest of it taking shape downhill, out of sight from the street. On approach, all you see are the stone walls, the rooftop garden, and the landscaped terraced grounds surrounding the home. “Finally, a white volume is placed on the planted roof, contrasting the natural materials and colors of the rest of the house and creating the illusion of being the only building on the site,” explain the architects.
The stone is warm and earthy, blending with the natural surroundings and contrasting the crisp white cube that is a defining feature of this house.
Interiors boast that same cool blend of organic and contemporary, featuring exposed wood ceiling beams and crisp white walls, with an eclectic decor that lands somewhere comfortably in between these opposing styles. A white wall with a double-sided fireplace stands at the center of the open concept space, separating the living and dining areas while still maintaining an open dialogue throughout.
Large picture windows and wide doorways open to the outdoors, flooding interiors with warm sunlight, fresh air and last but certainly not least, the views.
The long, window-lined hallways usher you into the private areas of the house. Expansive glazing offers each area of the home its own outdoor view.
Sliding glass doors blur the boundary between indoors and out, expanding living areas beyond the home’s walls.
Just outside, a sheltered outdoor entertaining area offers private poolside lounging in the sun or shade. Rustic furnishings and lighting are the perfect finishing touch to this casual alfresco retreat.
Here are some sketches of the design. The house was positioned to maximize the pristine seaside views and to protect it from the prevailing summer winds blowing in off the water.
A model of the design illustrates how this multi-volume structure comes together. The various volumes made it easier to build on the uneven terrain.
The architects utilized a stepped shape to work with the naturally sloping site – an ancient method that made this modern-day design possible on this steep site.

Paan Architects
via Arch Daily
photo credit: Yiannis Hadjiaslanis & Paan Architects


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