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Shallow Planter for Succulents by Steel Life

This shallow planter, by Steel Life, is perfect for succulents. And for any other short-root plants. Even bamboo! Or lettuce – you could plant your own salad or herb garden in one of these. Aren’t they campy? The legs have rubber footings and there’s an optional drain hole. Although if you opt for no drain hole – then you should be doing a succulent or cactus garden with lots of rock and not so much water. Made of powder-coated steel, they are super easy to clean – just wipe with a damp cloth. Available in citrus (orange), frost (white) and sky (blue) as shown here, it is also available in black and in citrine (red). We love the clean lines, the three legs, the shape of the bowl. It’s high time that indoor gardening met high design.



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