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Steel and Wood Bridge House Spans 2 Seaside Rocky Outcrops

steel wood bridge house spans 2 seaside rocky outcrops 8 1 facade bridge thumb 630x418 24640 Steel and Wood Bridge House Spans 2 Seaside Rocky Outcrops

On a site running parallel with the Atlantic Ocean, the Bridge House is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A modern 4-bedroom Seaside retreat where outdoor living is encouraged via outdoor decks and covered decks as well as screened in porches and this phenomenal covered balcony bridge, the home is a place where the views both of the water, and of the landscape are celebrated. Situated between two bedrock outcrops, the Wood Bridge House has an entrance on either side with one of them located at the end of the covered balcony bridge. Built using a steel primary skeleton that is then clad over top with wood boards, spaced to allow views of the steel structure behind, the home creates a modernist silhouette of clean lines and geometric structural elements. The addition of the tempered glass balustrade on the bridge creates a subtle contrast to the weathered hue of the vertical siding and the natural landscape below.

steel wood bridge house spans 2 seaside rocky outcrops 8 2 façade thumb 630x418 24642 Steel and Wood Bridge House Spans 2 Seaside Rocky Outcrops

The panoramic view is incredible and MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects designed the home to pay homage to the surrounding landscapes by allowing the brilliance of the sky, ocean and trees to create the colour palette while letting the home settle into the landscape as though it where just another rocky outcrop. With entries on both sides, there is no immediate disruption to the views even upon the approach. In addition to celebrating the views, the natural landscape was also celebrated by incorporating passive solar energy into its lifestyle via the use of a geothermal hydronic heating system. In addition, two giant scuppers collect the rain off of the roof.


The views are celebrated inside the home as well and large floor to ceiling windows in the living zone offer glimpses to the dock below. With the small grouping of 3 trees close at hand a natural depth perception is created that adds a dynamic perspective to the view.


The lounging area of the home is large enough to support two separate seating arrangements, one for daytime viewing through the windows and one for evening snuggling by the fire, but even from the fireplace the ocean landscape is easily enjoyed. While the home keeps its colour palette soft and neutral so as not to interfere with the seaside views, it is still full of visual interest via the fireplace wall and the whimsical side table with its mirroring of the firewood in the hearth so perfectly!


Even the kitchen and dining area have uninterrupted views. Here, too, space abounds. The over sized dining table easily seats 12, while the galley kitchen is a long and continuous bank of storage and prep space. Pot lights in both the ceiling and over the counter offer plenty of light and with windows as a back splash, even the cook has views outside.


The Master Bedroom is wrapped in a warmer, slightly more rustic palette with the use of wood on the ceiling and a distressed cabinet across from the bed. Here, too, the views are the main focus through the wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling windows. Glass doors on either side open up to the covered deck outside.


While the Master Bedroom created a relaxing environment with the use of wood, the ensuite is a breath of cool crisp greys in its extensive use of 4″x4″ mosaic tiles. Large, deep steps lead up to a large soaker tub and here too, via a wall of glass, views are not forgotten.


The second bedroom is laid out similar to the Master Bedroom. Here, a vintage chest replaces the distressed cabinet and the windows, while smaller in scale, still offer seaside views. With its own private covered deck, any one who stays here will not want to leave.
MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects



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