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Spanish stable turned contemporary stone home

From abandoned stable to striking stone home, Abaton Architects undertook this testing transformation here in the countryside of Extremadura, Spain. What was once a rough, rickety, discarded shelter is now a coveted, contemporary family home that combines modern style and conveniences – exactly what a good home should be.

spanish stable turned contemporary stone%20home 1 thumb 630x419 9426 Spanish stable turned contemporary stone home

This stone structure seems to step up the hillside with uneven levels that climb the ascending landscape. The rustic stone exterior is complemented by barn-board doors and shutters, one opening spanning two floors with double-height timber closures. These swing open to reveal a surprisingly clean and contemporary interior that is still curiously in keeping with the farm-house aesthetic.

spanish stable turned contemporary stone%20home 2 thumb 630x419 9428 Spanish stable turned contemporary stone home
spanish-stable-turned-contemporary-stone home-3.jpg

While the interiors are modern in style, the countryside is never far off, whether you find it overhead in the sloping white-washed wood ceiling, in the rustic decor and furnishings (we love the authentic wood-burning stove!), or in the outdoors visible through the expansive, floor-to-ceiling windows.

spanish-stable-turned-contemporary-stone home-4.jpg
spanish-stable-turned-contemporary-stone home-5.jpg
spanish-stable-turned-contemporary-stone home-6.jpg

But even the pastoral outdoors get a modern makeover with a cool water feature set within a central courtyard. Just pull up a chair, slide open the windows and enjoy a breath of country air.

spanish-stable-turned-contemporary-stone home-7.jpg
spanish-stable-turned-contemporary-stone home-8.jpg

Award-winning Abaton Architects has over 20 years under its belt, and has made its mark with ultra-modern architectural designs. While this rustic/contemporary stone stable house is a step away from their usual style, it’s as exciting and modern as any.
Abaton Architects

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