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Cool Home in a Modern Spanish Style

Today we share this cool LA home in a modern Spanish style. The architect, Jeremy Levine, had the idea to fuse two popular LA house styles – the more traditional Spanish style with that of the Case Study House. While Spanish style houses are charming and authentic and good for climate control, they do tend to be bulky in their construction with thick walls and deep passages. Case Study Houses instead strive for lightness and modernity. They also encourage a lifestyle where the outdoors blend into the interior so that the inhabitants are really at one with their climate – not always ideal when the weather gets uncomfortable but it’s so nice to live in a free open plan. In the house featured here, one gets the best of everything – an open modern home inspired by Spanish style traditions, while keeping perfect indoor temperatures. The house has thick walls with deep shelves, big windows, glass doors and courtyards for ample amounts of light and a connection to the outdoors with a contemporary layout. This house is filled with examples of great use of space and materials. Enjoy the images.
via Dwell.



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