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Space Within a Space Architecture

With a big open plan it might be interesting to think about the interior architecture of the room and create a space within a space. There are numerous advantages to such a concept. Obviously, it helps to clearly divide the room for different functions. It can also provide a focal point and add interest to an open space. What we love most about this example is how they use a different material for the outer walls and this contrast really enhances the feeling of a room within a room. It is unclear whether the room is equipped with pocket doors so that it may be closed off from the rest of the space. Although it isn’t really necessary, it could be a good idea to increase privacy or to have some control over noise management – especially since in this case, the television is located there. Of course, one thing to think about when planning such a space is to ensure the openings to the room are large enough to let the light in – otherwise you could end up with a dark box. The design of the room in this example is well planned and looks incredibly modern and appealing. See more details of this environmentally friendly architecture.



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