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Space Saving Stair Storage Design in Plywood

Typically, efficiency comes at the cost of aesthetics, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth in the case of this space-saving stair storage design by Spanish architects BUJ+COLON. Armed only with plywood and a cool, creative concept, the architecture firm integrated a bank of cabinets in what is typically a wasted space – beneath the stairs. Not only did they put the area to good use, but they did it with real aesthetic appeal, proving that looks don’t ever have to play second fiddle. Read on to check it out. For additional information visit BUJ+COLON Architects

The staircase and integrated storage system are finished in blonde toned plywood, which complements the hardwood floors throughout the home. The consistent use of light wood against a clean, white backdrop leaves the space with a simple, minimalist aesthetic.
The stepped system offers an eclectic mix of out-of-sight and on-display storage that adds interest to the simple style of the home.
As you climb each step, the open sides of the staircase offers an unobstructed, ever-changing view of the main floor, while letting light spill down from the window overhead.
The plywood wraps around to form an overpass, of sorts, which leads down a hallway to the guest bedroom. A window on the other side sets this doorway aglow.
A series of asymmetrical doors conceal the storage areas while visually breaking up the bank of cabinets.
We love this smart, stylish space-saver. Visit BUJ+COLON Architects by clicking here.
Photo credit: Elena Almagro


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