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Smart bathroom shelving ideas to make your space feel larger

When it comes to decorating the bathroom, having space is key. You want to make sure you have enough space to store all of your necessities without making your bathroom look cluttered. That is where smart shelving comes into play. Having smart shelving is one of the best ways to embrace having products in your bathroom in a neat way. Here are a few ideas to help you redecorate your bathroom décor while getting the most out of the space you already have.

Open Shelving

It’s all about making the room feel new and fresh without taking away from what you have displayed. Bring in chic open shelves and let them do their thing without going overboard.

One of the best things you can do for your space is modernizing it. What better way to do just that than by adding an open shelf? Open shelving works well due to having the capability of displaying only the items you want to be displayed. Consider it one of the easiest ways of keeping your bathroom organized. It’s kind of forces you to display the items that make your bathroom feel put together. Bring in a plant or two and add freshness directly to your bathroom space.

Rolling Cart

Allow your cart to be as multifunctional as possible by adding different items and including baskets for an extra added dose of storage.

If you have a smaller bathroom and can’t seem to find the perfect item to give your bathroom a makeover, bringing a rolling cart is the way to go. A rolling cart gives you the access you need to your favorite items while still being chic and charming. Matter of fact, you can paint your rolling cart a shade that brightens the room with a chic twist. Consider using a shade of blue or even red for a welcoming appeal that engulfs the entire room.

Go Industrial

When going industrial you want to go as chic as possible for that demanding aesthetic that feels fresh and new every time.

You may think your bathroom is too modern or too minimal for an industrial touch; however, that is not true. Adding an industrial twist will instantly make the room feel welcoming and engaging without going overboard. Contemplate the idea of bringing in iron rods that add that industrial twist without taking away from the room. Furthermore, pair it with neutral hues so your industrial bit doesn’t completely take over from the room’s authentic display.

Minimal Horizontal

A simple block of wood will be all you need to create the perfect comfortable display.

When you have a smaller bathroom, you truly need to focus on the space you have not the space you wish you had. Many of us, tend to forget how much space we have due to decorating according to the room we wish we had. One of the best ways of getting some shelving space without overbearing the room is to bring in a minimal shelf and go from that. The thinker your shelf the fewer products you can put on it but the easier it will be to work with. Furthermore, add a horizontal touch which makes the room feel elongated and charming without having to add too much to the room.

Shower Shelving

Add glass shelving to make your tub feel larger while engaging the added space overall.

If you truly don’t have enough room in your bathroom to keep all of your necessities, consider adding smaller shelving to your shower. When it comes to shower shelving you want to go with a minimal design. The more minimal your shelves are the easier it will be to have your décor display seamlessly. Furthermore, it enables you to make your display feel chic and put together.

Shelving Nook

Consider going the custom route, when it comes to your shelving nook to fully engage the size of the room.

Many times, bathrooms tend to have an awkward corner or two, and there seems to be no clue on how to decorate it properly. If that is the case, it’s time to consider transforming it into a shelving nook. A shelving nook allows you to display towels, toiletries, and other decorative items that don’t exactly fit everywhere. The key is bringing wood shelves and mounting them in that particular awkward corner space. Consider painting them to match your bathroom overall.

Above the Tub

Why not add nook shelving above your tub? It’s all about creating that cozy approach that makes your tub feel chic without taking away from the appeal you already have.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large tub with a large space on top of it, take a shelf or two and completely fall in love with the space. It’s all about making that space feel a part of your décor. The larger the area you have above the tub the more shelves you can bring in, thus giving you additional room for any of your bathroom essentials. Additionally, it’s perfect for those that want to add a decorative bit to that particular space.

Spa Aesthetic

Use dark wood to fully contrast the room with that Zen approach you want to ensure you have.

Who doesn’t love a good day at the spa? One thing spas have in common is how relaxing and Zen they tend to be. Keeping that in mind, you can recreate this appeal by bringing in thick wood shelves. Having thick shelving is perfect for that Zen approach due to how much warmth they bring to the room. It’s almost as if the wood itself makes the room come to life with just a kiss of stability, that only darker wood can create.


Don’t overthink it when going contemporary, go for a thin approach when you want to make the space feel put together yet everything is coming together.

If there is one decorating style, we personally it has to be contemporary. Contemporary décor works exceptionally well because it allows you to go bold with your style while still incorporating essential bits that make the room have all of your favorite parts. When it comes to creating a contemporary space with shelving it’s all about going with an asymmetrical touch. Bring in shelves in the same hue yet different sizing for the perfect contrast that ultimately adds a bit of an edge right where you need and want it most.

Large & in Charge

Add multiple large blocks to fully engulf the room with charm with a bold focus.

Never doubt the boldness, large shelving can bring to any style room. The key is working with many shelves and having them displayed uniformly. Furthermore, you want to bring in shelves that have a bold appeal yet can easily be displayed without going overboard or taking away from what you already have. Forget the rules of decorating and go big with this idea.

Share your style with the world by bringing in bathroom shelves that embrace your style! Furthermore, share with us your ideas so we can learn from you as well.


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