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Small House Design in Stockholm, Sweden

house alta 7 Small House Design in Stockholm, Sweden
The savvy Swedes are not strangers to cool, contemporary designs – and this small house is no exception. Designed by Swedish architect and industrial designer Johannes Norlander, House Alta is a compact villa on the outskirts of Stockholm. Built with a distinctive edge in its minimalist white facade and contemporary angular architecture, this home’s modern aesthetic offsets its gorgeous natural surroundings. In fact, it is the rough rocky landscape, the small triangular plot, and the strict building regulations which have influenced this space-efficient design. At just 4.6m wide and 6m high, and encompassing just 160m2 on two floors, this compact house boasts a kitchen and living area on the main floor, while the bedrooms and a library enjoy the privacy of the second floor. Johannes Norlander
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 Small House Design in Stockholm, Sweden




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