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Small Backyard Playhouse for Inspired Kids and Adults Alike

If we had an amazing backyard playhouse like this when we were kids, there would be no dinner time, bath time or bed time. In fact, it would always be play time with a love of architecture in the future! Located in Bogota, Columbia, this small playhouse designed by Manuel Villa features a wood exterior echoing this distinctive silhouette with honeycomb panels, and a fully glazed facade that opens onto a teak deck.

Overhead, a circular skylight further floods interiors with natural light and provides a window to the sky for stargazing by night.
Wood-clad interiors make it a perfect decor for a lush garden environment. This space is a sure hot spot for kids and adults alike, who can retreat to this backyard getaway to play, spend some whimsical family time, or just escape from the everyday – even if only for a little while.
This cozy, compact home would also make an inspiring live/work space for those work-from-home professionals, a book nook, or a lovely small guest house for those lucky visitors invited to spend the night.
Though mini, this unusual and inspiring house design is cool to the max!
Manuel Villa
photo credit: Sergio Gomez


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