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Small Apartment Renovation: clever and stylish ideas

This family decided on a small apartment renovation, instead of a complete move, due to the arrival of a new family member. The designers at su11 architecture + design came up with some clever ideas to make this a comfortable (and stylish!) 620 square-foot family space. Some sacrifices were made, but none that the clients weren’t willing to make. Let’s begin with the living space. Instead of a traditional living room, this space doubles as the parent’s bedroom as well. The bed serves as a couch during the day where the family can lounge about together. They can also make use of the seating around the dining area. The television can conveniently be seen from both these areas. The kitchen is small and functional thanks to its efficient design. To avoid clutter, a storage unit that runs along the length of the apartment has been installed to house all accessories and belongings that are not of immediate use. At the back of the apartment lies a bedroom shared by the two children. Back in the living space, the designers incorporated a bold sculptural Corian wall above the “couch/bed”. This illuminated element adds a whole lot of dimension to this small space without crowding it. Without compromising quality of life, this apartment renovation encourages a compact and minimal lifestyle. su11 architecture+design
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