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Shower Toilet from Geberit – new Balena 8000 wall mounted alternative to a bidet

Geberit Balena 8000 shower toilet wall mounted
Finally – Japanese hygiene technology is available in the Western world! The new Balena 8000 wall mounted toilet is a shower toilet from Geberit, a high-tech alternative to a bidet. The toilet releases a stream of refreshing water, adjusted perfectly to your liking, for an all-day clean sensation. You can choose from pulsating and oscillating options, as well as a warm-air drying feature and a special ‘lady shower’. Four user settings can be retained in the memory of the shower toilet, to be recalled at the touch of a button. The streamlined look of the toilet is in keeping with contemporary bathroom styles, and a remote control makes it easy to set to your personal preference of temperature and pressure. Swiss precision adds to the Eastern concept of lifestyle to make a product which is stylish and functional… contact Geberit to find out more about the Balena 8000, available now from select retailers.
Geberit Balena shower toilet - bidet spray
Geberit Balena shower toilet with outside water tank

Geberit Balena 8000 shower toilet with inside-wall water tank
Geberit Balena remote control


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