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Shoji Screen & Sliding Door by Shoji Designs – Japanese screens

Traditional Japanese Shoji Screens and Sliding Doors by Shoji Designs are a wonderful way to let light into your home. Suited to a traditional or contemporary interior with Oriental flair, the Shoji Screens are bright, breezy and bold. Shoji Screens actually characterise the essence of style of Japanese interiors. However, their delicate rice paper construction has meant their beautiful simplicity is rarely enjoyed outside of Japan. Now, Shoji Designs, an American company, can make your image of a serene Eastern interior a reality, shipping in the continental United States, Hawaii and Canada. Placed behind wooden or glass sliding doors, the screens function as curtains, and to regulate room temperature. But they have so many other uses in a modern interior – to separate space as floor to ceiling room dividers, as cupboard or entertainment system doors, or as smaller window screens. All screens and doors are made specially to order by Shoji Designs.


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